Do you know what the most frustrating thing is about the National Sperm Bank?

It’s not that we have 9 donors after 10 months of start up.

It’s the perception that we ONLY have 9 donors….

When we presented our plan to the Department of Health it was to prove a new concept. We wanted to demonstrate that a partnership with a clinic – Birmingham Women’s Hospital – and a small charity dealing with raising awareness for egg and sperm donation, could put an organisation together that over time could have a good stab at solving the shortage of sperm donors.

Once we had the first wave of donors we could invest in recruitment campaigns that can compete with private clinics or foreign banks. As we can’t do fancy recruitment campaigns with tax-payers money it was destined to have a slow start.

The headlines suggest it’s a failure and it’s not. We are on schedule. We’re about to successfully complete the first stage of a National Sperm Bank.

And for £77K that’s pretty good going.