After two days of non-stop talking to radio stations and journalists I’m starting to get my voice back. The media coverage following The Guardian article has been unprecedented and we’re slowing getting back to normal.

When I first read it online on Monday night, my heart sank. I could pick up on 4 statements that had the potential to be inflammatory even although I didn’t say them that way. Not that I worried too much because by 22:00 BBC Radio 4 Today contacted me for an interview for the next morning. At that moment I knew that I’d the opportunity to get the real message out in more ways than one.

Nothing prepared me for the deluge of media that followed. I’ve done 32 interviews in 2 1/2 days.  BBC5 Live, BBC 2 Jeremy Vine Channel 5 tv news, Huffington post and numerous other ones. My Twitter went ballistic, it trended on LinkedIn and our emails went through the roof.

I’m sure some of our stakeholders would disagree, but I’d forgiven myself if in any of these interviews I would have said at least 1 thing that was ‘wrong’. It’s very very easy to wave the condemning finger from a safe desk and/or anonymous Twitter account, but I can assure you if you do so many live radio interviews in the space of 3 hours that you actually can’t remember your own mobile phone number, it’s a different story. It’s rather intimidating and mind-numbingly exhausting to spend 5 minutes in an interview, receive 21 voicemail messages in that time and can’t even finish listening to all of them before you have to speak to another broadcaster.

Having said that, I listened back to many of them and said exactly the same thing as I said in the interview with the Guardian. They just presented it differently to make fancy headlines and statements. I give a consistent message because it’s the only message I believe in.

  • We don’t do the Danish messaging as we don’t link masculinity with fertility
  • We need ordinary men doing extraordinary things
  • Donors are not ‘Superman’; they do need super sperm however as most sperm gets killed in the freezing process
  • 9 donors is on track as we committed to 13-15 in the first year and we’ve got some more months to go

The most important thing is though that even after I explained how convoluted the process actually is – twice a week for 3 to 4 months- many men enquired and used our text service: “Text DONOR to 88802”. We have received over 500 enquiries which is just unbelievable incredible phenomenal.

It was hard work. I’ve received more horrible, dirty, nasty and evil messages than I care to remember and no doubt have I unknowingly and unintentionally p***** off various people for various reasons. I’m good at that. It’s the way it is.

But guess what. It was worth it.