Somewhere last year I was contacted by a Lecturer Communications and Psychology of the University College Birmingham if I was interested in becoming their client for the BA and FdA students. I was game straight away. Young people sharing their ideas about how to market the National Sperm Bank. New ideas, new people and for free: what’s not to like?

We spent some time putting a brief together and the student groups were later given 4 days to come up with a pitch for their client. I showed up on two consecutive Tuesdays, pulled my best ‘serious client face’ and listened with an open mind.

And it was wonderful.

Not only because it was great to see how hard they’d all worked, some of them had really original ideas, cleverly balancing the oh so easy to make smutty comments with the seriousness of creating families. Of course, young hip things that they are, there was good use of flash mobs, hash tags and viral videos.

The Birmingham team and I are right in the middle of discussing the plans for the year ahead and of course recruitment strategies will be vital. I can’t wait to share some of the UCB’s thoughts with the team and see if any of them can be used. It would be great for them – because of course we will be shouting about it – and it would be good for us.