Some months ago I was contacted to participate in a pilot for a ‘structured reality show’ Lookalikes. The brief was skimpy, it was for Channel 4, it was meant to be funny not informative and there were no guarantees for broadcast. It should have set all alarm bells ringing but of course that didn’t stop me: I just showed up on the day and jumped right in.

Although I don’t know how much was scripted and if ‘David Beckham’ truly believed his celebrity sperm bank ‘Fame Fertile’ had any future, my part was unscripted. A plan was proposed and I had to be critical, honest, direct and share my knowledge.

I did that. And some.

I killed the plan as I thought it was ill-fated, vain, against legislations and, forgive the pun, bollocks. Those who know me or have ever shared a meeting realise I must have slammed my head on the table (literally..), probably swore at some point, interrupted stupid comments and pulled a variety of faces.

However what you see is me politely nodding, silently smiling and looking relatively serene. There is the occasional ‘face in despair’ but apart from one question about the quality of ‘Beckham’s’ sperm, it was all wonderfully tame.



I had no idea what to expect as I plonked myself before the television Monday night. It’s not a program I’d normally watch and admittedly I was nervous. Everything can happen with a pre-record and it’s up to the producer or journalist how they butcher your message.

As it happened the program made me laugh, of course I recognised some of the characters  and I can still attend conferences without being vilified for making a total shambles of such an important subject. Most importantly, the program was trending on Twitter which gave me the opportunity to raise awareness for sperm donation.

Thanks Knickerbockerglory for making me part of it. I loved every minute and I’m glad I jumped in!

To watch the full program on demand.

Or for the non-UK viewers it’s on YouTube. The sperm bank bit starts at around 6 min.