Ten years ago, on 1st April 2015, the anonymity of sperm and egg donors was removed or, as I prefer to see it, ‘Access to donor’s identity’ was introduced.

Either way it was widely believed that it would see donor recruitment collapse. As this BBC item stated: “We worry that the removal of donor anonymity will only further the diminishing number of egg and sperm donors.”

Ten years later and the whole issue of gamete donation has indeed changed considerably. But, unlike in many other countries it has stayed on the policy agenda, it has seen changes and, most importantly, it has seen growth. Much to the surprise of many, sperm donors have increased with 147% (2004: 237 – 2013: 586) and egg donors with 48% (2004: 1,106 – 2013:1,636). We’re confident we’ll see a significant further increase in the next 5 years as most stakeholders now accept that recruiting donors is possible. It’s just knowing how…

Together with Progress, Donor Conception Network, British Infertility Counselling Association and the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority we’ve decided to celebrate this, and other significant donor related issues, in a ‘Donation Event’.  We have the idea, the date Tuesday 3rd November 2015 (in the National Fertility Awareness Week) and the attitude to make it work.

All we need know is a plan and the money.

Nevertheless, if you have an interest in donation issues, stick that date in your diary because one way or another, it will happen!