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Passionate about egg donation

1998 was a special year for me. It’s the birth year of my twins and the founding year of the National Gamete Donation Trust; all very close to my heart. But where later this year we’ll be celebrating my children’s 20th birthday and raise a glass to hopefully many more...

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I despair

Whenever I criticise private sperm donation I’m accused of being a spoil sport

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Celebration of Gamete Donation

Ten years ago, on 1st April 2015, the anonymity of sperm and egg donors was removed or, as I prefer to see it, ‘Access to donor’s identity’ was introduced.

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The small print at the bottom…

These posts are mainly my views and comments about donation issues. They are not always profound and certainly not written in beautiful prose.

It’s ok if you disagree and it’s even ok if you let me know in the comments. It’s not ok if you’re aggressive, abusive or rude. I just won’t respond or maybe even delete without further notice. If you want to connect privately please use the form on the contact page.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.