Last week I had the honour of participating in a BBC Woman’s Hour piece on egg and sperm donation within families. This followed from the story on Mary Portas where her brother’s sperm was used to create a family with Mary’s wife. Somehow it hits all sorts of squeamishness buttons which is, as I also said in the interview, a bit strange. Sisters donation to sisters is seen as something rather wonderful but as soon as a man is in involved, the dynamics seemingly change.

Two sisters, Alice and Eleanor, discuss their journey as Ele needed her sister to create her now family. The referred more than once to DC Network and how vital their support was. Creating a family through family egg or sperm donation doesn’t  have to be riddled with problems. DCN supports (intended) families with the issues that will arise though and makes the expertise, knowledge and tools available to deal with it.

A lovely thoughtful -and rather long! – piece and one that, I hope, makes people realise how important sperm and egg donation is for many people.