An update on new activities will follow September 2016

Former Chief-Executive of NGDT – (June 2016)
National Gamete Donation Trust


The NGDT is responsible for:

HFEA National Donation Strategy Group

As part of their commitment to donation issues the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) set up the National Donation Strategy Group in 2012.

Out of this Lifecycle was created an initiative to give clear and independent information about all donation issues for all people affected. Lifecycle will be the central hub and will address all donation issues, in and outside the UK and in and outside clinics.

Logo GWC

Global Women Connected

Vice President

An interactive forum to discuss any issue concerning women’s health to increase awareness, learn and share experiences. It’s set up by Joyce Harper, Professor in Human Genetics and Embryology at University College London, Institute for Women’s Health.

What’s On My Mind

I despair

Whenever I criticise private sperm donation I’m accused of being a spoil sport

Disclaimer: Shaped by the Trustees, the many people I work with, the variety of committees I’m honoured to be part off but ultimately these opinions are my own.